Sick of comment spam? Here’s a list of known spammers for your block list

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For those of you who have blogs and must wade through hundreds of spammy comments per day, I have a gift for you. Yep, my ever-growing list of known spammers, their URLs and IP addresses for you to download.

Every blog dashboard should have a blacklist setting where  you can input that information. In WordPress, go to Settings>Discussion; scroll down till you find Comment Blacklist, then copy my list and paste it there. At last check, I had over 800 comments diverted to the Spam folder; only 180 made it to my Comments Held for Moderation section. And, of course, that meant I had to add more information to my blacklist. Out of those 180 comments, only one was legitimate, responding to this post.

So, you’re thinking, “Jeez, 800 spammy posts! Do I have to individually delete all of them?” Well, only if you want to make sure that the filtering system didn’t miss-label a comment. There’s no way that I have time to wade through 800+ comments, so I’m going to trust my blacklist and confidently hit the Empty Spam button. It all depends on what your time is worth.

Oh, and by the way, it’s probably a good idea to uncheck E-mail me whenever…A comment is held for moderation. Because you will receive an email for EACH and EVERY spammy comment that ends up in the moderation bin. Hmm…just think of those  800 spammy comments…yep, that’s 800 separate emails. Yikes!

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