Beware of these scammers/spammers!

Three decades of an ever-expanding World Wide Web has also created an ever-expanding roster of opportunists determined to separate you from your money, by any and all means necessary. Some are creative, and others rely on old canards they hope will still yield pay dirt.

It’s difficult to keep up with all the names (many are fake), email addresses and phone numbers of these fraudsters and spammers. So, to make these scumbags easier to spot, we’ve created a list of them here. Keep checking back as we add new names, email addresses and phone numbers to this listing. And if you’re a spammer reading this, and send us a spam email, you get your name and email address added to the roster.


These are known phishers who have placed ads (or answered) ads in various online message boards. Do not answer email messages sent by these scumbags. Replying to their emails will only get you more emails from other spammers. Unfortunately, many of these phishers are hiding behind real peoples’ names that have nothing to do with their scams. Pay close attention to the email addresses instead.

Beth Robertson:,
Donna Butler:
Donald Brian:
Donald Cobb:
Phillip Moyes:
Charley Whitehead:
No name given:
Engr Morgan: (used’s anonymous email address)

William Jonathan: Here’s the typo-laden text of his email (as always, completely unrelated to the type of work sought):

If this is the position you are looking for please respond to my post i am looking for a housekeeper/Nanny for atleast 3 days in a week we discuss about the payment in next email kindly send you respond to william.wyatt223 at gamil . com or (978) 710-9859 for more details.

Please note: I also needed a  Mathematics & Statistics Tutoring for my 2 children let me know if anyone is interested  write me back with your personal email and not through craigslist. easier communication.

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NOTE: I’ve received a number of emails claiming to represent “Focus Marketing Group.” These are completely bogus. The only Focus Marketing Group that I can find is based in New Mexico and has nothing to do with these scumbags.

Lakesha Stafford:
No name given:


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