Nigeria to Hong Kong: Mr. Johnson Goodman sends you his best (scam)

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I’m starting a series, ‘Nigeria to Hong Kong’, spotlighting the latest in email scams originating from those regions. Inaugurating this series is an email received from a Mr. ‘Johnson Goodman’ from Hong Kong. He claims to have $23,350,000 to ‘share’ with you and the other several thousand people he’s spammed. Of course, there is no twenty three million bucks sitting in his coffers…and if there were, he sure wouldn’t share it with anyone, would he? No, Mr. Johnson wants to entice those greedy, hapless suckers who don’t understand the “if it’s too good to be true…” rule into “fronting as the beneficiary” of this imaginary $23M. You know, the usual open-a-bank-acount-deposit-your-money-never-see-your-money-ever-again scam.

The funniest line in the email: “I would respectfully request that you do not discredit me in case you are not interested.” Oh, so sorry, Mr. Johnson. No can do. Heeeee….



I am Johnson Goodman; I have sent a mail to you before on this subject; there is a late customer of our bank whose relative we have not been able to trace for many years now. I am contacting you because since you have the same last name with him it will be easy to present you as the next of kin/beneficiary of his Twenty Two Million Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States dollars

If you are interested in fronting as the beneficiary please indicate by reconfirming your full names and telephone numbers.  Do not worry the transaction will be legally achieved.

I would respectfully request that you do not discredit me in case you are not interested.

Yours faithfully,

Johnson Goodman


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