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In February 2013, an “employee” of Automotive Professional Services LLC attempted to defend the company thusly:

I am not sure what company information that you have found, but it is INCORRECT. Our company is FAR from being bankrupt. We DO offer a GREAT warranty, I am so sorry that you people feel that we are a scam because we are not. Yes, we offer discounts and yes we do attempt to sell our product. I do not find fault in that.

I work for this company and I am pleased with our service, product and the way this company is ran. If only you spent more time actually researching us rather than putting us down and saying that we are scammers, you’re time would be better spent. APR is owned by MARATHON GROUP. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

If Marathon Group does indeed own Automotive Professional Services LLC, it doesn’t say much for their marketing liaisons after reading this April 2013  post on the same 800notes.com page:

I took a job with this company without knowing anything about them or how they do business. Let me first state the obvious, YES, this is a scam and they are very proud of what they do. Every person working the phones for APR knows it’s a scam, but they really don’t care.

If you look at their contract for their “Proterctor 5 Enhanced” warranty you will see that the contract is written so that the company never has to pay any claims. Here is a link to their contract:  http://www.autoprofessionalresources.com/wp-c … -5-Enhanced.pdf

Employees are trained that due to legal reasons they can not say certain words during the recorded call such as warranty. This is because what they are selling is a “product warranty”, not a vehicle warranty. If you listen closely to their sales pitch you will notice that they slip in the words “product warranty” several times in key places where the person calling in usually doesn’y catch it. Everything the sales people say on the phone has been carefully scripted by lawyers to exploit loopholes in the laws of California.

In short, if you purchase a “product warranty from this company do not ever expect them to pay for any repairs.

Here is a link to their company web site for those interested: http://www.autoprofessionalresources.com/

FYI – the “product warranty” they are selling is nothing more than a bottle of oil additive which they are selling for $3,640. You can go into any automotive parts store and pick up a bottle of a similar product for around $25 and get the same warranty.

Caveat emptor, people.

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