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I guess the dudes at Business Texter reckon the best way to demonstrate their spam texting app is to spam potential customers into downloading the app. Or so it appears after I received numerous texts from these guys. Not the best of marketing plans, unless you’re marketing to known spammers who would be interested in such a service, that is. It’s never a prudent idea to assume everyone with a smart phone is a potential spammer.

I received the first text in January 2014 from (509) 499-3230, a Spokane, Washington area code. Actually, I received SEVEN identical texts in a row, enthusiastically stating, “Wow! It’s been a whole 2 months since you were added to our list. We really appreciate that! Mention this 60 day text & get a special offer. :) Reply STOP 2END.” Of course, I know better than to reply to the text, which is akin to dropping chum in the water to attract sharks.

A search of (509) 499-3230 revealed that I wasn’t alone in receiving these annoying spam texts — many of the recipients receiving several texts in a row, as well. But, wait, there’s more! It appears that someone named “David” found our phone numbers via Craigslist. Yep, Craigslist again. I wonder if this is the “David” they’re talking about.

Here’s the first text (or, rather, the first series of texts in a row):


But, unfortunately, this would not be the last time (despite blocking the number on my phone) that I would hear from this spammer. Because in February, I received this piece of digital mystery meat, imploring, “Check out this Business Texter app. It is perfect for generating repeat customers.”


So…just today (April 21st), I received yet another spam text: “You are on our list of most loyal subscribers. Mention this 180 day text and get something from us for FREE!!!! Have a good day! Reply STOP 2End.”  Um…me, a subscriber? I think not. And the “FREE!!!!” tells me that what they’re giving will cost me. Not interested, pal.

So, I decided to mosey on over to the Business Texter website to see exactly what they’re about. I discovered that they have online chat available. I chatted with someone named “Ben”, informing him of these spam texts. He played innocent and said that he would remove my number from this mysterious “list.” I told him that if I receive another text from them I’ll inform the Do Not Call Registry of their perfidy. He told me I’d receive one confirmation text to let me know that my number is officially off The List, and presumably I should never hear from them again. We’ll see.

In the meantime, should you receive spam texts from (509) 499-3230, just visit the website and have a chat with “Ben” or one of Business Texter’s other minions. And, hey, they have a contact page, so make use of that. Make them eat their own spam, hmm?


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