Text spam from 928-275-2842

Ah, just in time for the Christmas season, these spammers are once again enticing their marks with a Best Buy gift card…albeit a BOGUS one:

Winner #91383 You have WON the BestBuy $500 Holiday Gift Card. Enter the code ‘619’ and your BestBuy Email at www.bit.ly/12pH1yZ!

These are clever little phishers: they used TinyURL (a URL shortener) to hide their actual web address, so no WHOIS lookup for these cretins. If you’re at all concerned about your computer or mobile device becoming infected with viruses, malware, and spyware, you’ll steer clear of any email or text message from unknown senders instructing you to access a shortened URL. Unless you want your computer and mobile devices infected…

NOTE: If you have an Android phone, the OS allows you to add phone numbers to a blacklist. When a call or text comes in from a blacklisted number, the phone gives the call a busy signal. Most text spam and telemarketer calls use auto dialers. When these auto dialers encounter a busy signal, they hang up and try to resend the message or re-dial, which puts them in an endless cycle. To blacklist phone numbers, go to Settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto reject list. You can also add phone numbers to the Auto Reject List directly from your Call Log. Unfortunately, spam texters/telemarketers usually have hundreds of phone numbers, so it’s possible you may still receive more unwanted texts/calls from these same scumbags. My own call rejection list is extremely long… I’m hoping a feature similar to this will be added to the iPhone eventually. Be wary of ‘free’ smartphone apps that supposedly block calls…they might just do the opposite.