Text spam from #72707

It’s been a while since I’ve received a text spam message…not that I miss them, of course. So, here comes this one:

“Your coupon code to claim FREE cash at bonus770.com is ELECTRIC400.”

If you click the link (and it’s advisable that you do not, especially from your phone), you are redirected to casinotitan.im with an affiliate referral account number included in the URL string (which is how this spammer makes a few pennies per download and sign-up). The words ‘download’ and ‘app’ are also included in the URL — never a good thing, especially if your browser is configured to download anything without asking (this is an ABSOLUTE no-no; time to increase your browser security settings PRONTO if you haven’t already done so). The Casino Titan website itself seems legit, but you just never know what’s hidden in that download code; it may not have a virus payload waiting to pounce, but spyware and malware are not what you want lurking within your desktop.

I’m not into online gambling (actually, my gambling experience is pretty much limited to the occasional lottery scratcher), so I know nothing about this particular casino website. If you peruse the reviews from askgamblers.com and LatestCasinoBonuses.com, you’ll find a number of mixed reviews, mostly pertaining to the payout of winnings. I’m sure these are common complaints regarding most online casinos. I think, if you’re going to gamble, why not just visit a brick and mortar casino? At least there’s some entertainment value and they usually have a tasty buffet.

NOTE: If you have an Android phone, the OS allows you to add phone numbers to a blacklist. When a call or text comes in from a blacklisted number, the phone gives the call a busy signal. Most text spam and telemarketer calls use auto dialers. When these auto dialers encounter a busy signal, they hang up and try to resend the message or re-dial, which puts them in an endless cycle. To blacklist phone numbers, go to Settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto reject list. You can also add phone numbers to the Auto Reject List directly from your Call Log. Unfortunately, spam texters/telemarketers usually have hundreds of phone numbers, so it’s possible you may still receive more unwanted texts/calls from these same scumbags. My own call rejection list is extremely long… Apparently, now with the iOS7 update, the iPhone now has the ability to block calls. Be wary of ‘free’ smartphone apps that supposedly block calls…they might just do the opposite.