Text spam from 949-748-0970

Here’s another spam text from my BlackBerry days:

“Do you owe $10,000+ to the IRS? If you’re unemployed, new gov’t program can REDUCE BACK TAXES by 70%. Reply “YES” to see if you qualify! (optout,replyout)”

The spammers added a ‘surprised’ emoticon. Gee, how cute. I’m thinking that if you typed “out” without the emoticon, you’d remain in queue for more spam texts. Details, details.

NOTE: If you have an Android phone, the OS allows you to add phone numbers to a blacklist. When a call or text comes in from a blacklisted number, the phone gives the call a busy signal. Most text test and telemarketer calls use auto dialers. When these auto dialers encounter a busy signal, they hang up and try to resend the message or re-dial, which puts them in an endless cycle. To blacklist phone numbers, go to Settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto reject list. You can also add phone numbers to the Auto Reject List directly from your Call Log. Unfortunately, spam texters/telemarketers usually have hundreds of phone numbers, so it’s possible you may still receive more unwanted texts/calls from these same scumbags. My own call rejection list is extremely long… I’m hoping a feature similar to this will be added to the iPhone eventually. Be wary of ‘free’ smartphone apps that supposedly block calls…they might just do the opposite.